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Meal Selector

Have you ever had a time where you and your significant other just couldn't decide where to eat? Or even a time when you were just so hungry and everything sounded so good? Well, Meal Selector is the answer to your solutions!

This was the first iOS application that I designed and programmed in Xcode. It's written in Swift and is basically a random generator from a list that the user inputs. Once the user is satisfied with their list, the application will randomly select a number from the list and output the corresponding meal.

Meal Selector Idle Screenshot

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Meal Selector Idle Screenshot

Hi! I'm Kelvin Nguyen, currently a computer science student at The University of California, Merced. Being born in the Bay Area I was surrounded by lot of technology. While I had an interest in techology I was sure about what part of it I wanted to go into. Honestly it wasn't until my senior year of high school that I decided I wanted to be a computer science major. It was a very simple moment too. My friend walked into english class one day and told me he was going to be a computer science major. I told him, "Me too!". I'm glad that I have continued to pursue computer science because I found a passion for it that pushes me to learn more and more.

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